Hi,I’m Robert

With over 21 years of experience in the IT industry, I am currently serving as a Project Delivery Manager at Luxoft, a renowned global digital strategy and engineering partner. In this role, my responsibilities encompass the leadership and meticulous management of intricate projects, which often involve embedded systems, C/C++, Linux, and fast.ai. My focus is on consistently delivering top- tier solutions to clients across diverse domains and regions. My professional journey also includes a robust foundation in web development, full stack development, and Figma. I have occupied various roles such as web developer, team lead, project manager, and scrum master at esteemed organizations like PayU, Shell, Accenture, and Cubic Agency. My certifications as a Kanban Practitioner, Scrum Master, and Project Manager underline my commitment to implementing agile methodologies and industry best practices to streamline workflows, foster collaboration, and uphold the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Passion and diligence are integral aspects of my work ethic, and I hold the quality of my deliverables to the utmost standards. I take pride in my adaptability and unwavering dedication to learning, always eager to expand my skill set and knowledge base. Beyond my professional pursuits, I maintain a personal fascination with embedded hardware and Linux on ARM single-board computers. As a testament to my hands-on approach to technology, I have even constructed my own CNC router using recycled components. My linguistic versatility extends to proficiency in Romanian, English, and Spanish, enabling effective communication in diverse contexts. I am open to fresh challenges and opportunities, consistently striving to enhance my skills and capabilities and contribute value wherever I go.

I am on a mission to leverage my vast IT expertise, infusing passion and diligence to lead, innovate, and consistently deliver top-tier digital solutions that drive progress across industries and borders.

  • Exceptional Project Delivery

    With over 21 years in the IT realm, my emphasis is on driving intricate projects to fruition, particularly those involving embedded systems, C/C++, and Linux. Through my leadership at Luxoft and prior esteemed organizations, I am committed to ensuring the quality of my deliverables meets the highest standards.

  • Agile Methodology & Collaboration

    As a certified Kanban Practitioner, Scrum Master, and Project Manager, I champion the implementation of agile methodologies and industry best practices. This approach streamlines workflows, nurtures team collaboration, and upholds unparalleled customer satisfaction levels.

  • Continuous Learning & Adaptability

    Beyond professional roles, my personal interests, like embedded hardware and Linux on ARM single-board computers, reflect my hands-on approach to technology. I am ceaselessly eager to expand my skill set, adapt to changing tech landscapes, and am proud of initiatives like constructing my own CNC router from recycled components.