As I was working on some laptop motherboards I found the need for a thermal camera, and since most of the cameras are way too expensive, I ordered a MLX90640 module on the internet.

Main Features of the module:
* Far infrared thermal sensor array (32x24 RES)
* -40 to 85°C operational temperature range, allows deployment in difficult industrial environments
* Can measure object temperature between -40 to 300°C
* A typical target object temperature accuracy of 1°, precision across its full measurement scale
* NETD of just 0.1K RMS at a 1Hz refresh rate
* No re-calibration needed to specific temperature requirements ensuring greater convenience and lowering operational expense
* Two different field of view (FoV) options: standard 55°x35° and 110°x75° wide angle
* 4-pin TO39 package incorporating the requisite optics
* I²C compatible digital interface, simplifying integration

I already had a ILI9341 tft module laying around and an ESP32. Power is delivered to the device via the ESP microusb. Since the resolution is very low I also added interpolation 1x, 2x and 4x the down size is that it takes some time to process and the framerate drops.